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How to deactivate the automatic extension-retraction function of the side-view mirror

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Does anyone know how to deactivate the automatic extension-retraction function of the side-view mirrors when you lock-unlock with the FAST key ? I didn't find any information in the owners's manual :sad: It's winter here in Canada and I don't want the side-view mirrors to retract because it might get frozen and I won't be able to extend it back. Any help is greatly appreciate, thanks everyone. :smile:
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What trim level do you have? If you have the retractable mirrors, it's probably the SEL (or the Canadian equivalent). You should be able to log into your vehicle with Mitsubishi connect, which comes with a 2 year subscription here in the states.
Thanks for the quick reply :) I have the Black Edition, two levels lower from the GT ( the equivalent of the US SEL ). Today, I play around with the SMARTPHONE Link Display Audio ( the center entertainment system ) and I found out where the disable option is hide. For people interested, from the home page, select '' Vehicule Setting'' then '' Others'' then '' None ''. For the Mitsubishi Connect, I'm not sure is available on the Black Edition trim. Thanks for the suggestion and surely, I'm going to check et see if the Mitsubishi Connect can be used with the Black Edition.
Thanks for the info. I just changed it int he app.

I thought the GT (Canada) was equivalent to the SEL (US) trim. I wish Mitsubishi would put out some sort of cross-reference chart.
Mitsubishi CONNECT from memory is a purely USA system like the HomeLink functionality for remote control of garage doors and gates etc. CONNECT requires a specific roof console inclusion between the sunroof controls to pair the CONNECT system with your mobile phone to access the features and register (see the pic below)...


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I think u r right zarbs, there's no mention of Mitsubishi Connect in the Canadian owner's manual. There r only light switch on the roof of my Eclipse Cross.
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