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How to tell which cars have Skyhook suspension?

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Hello, new member here, looking to get a 2016-17 Ghibli SQ4, but I want to get one with the Skyhook suspension. I tried looking up how to tell which cars are equipped with it, and the only giveaway (as far as I can see) is the Skyhook equipped cars have a button to the left of the gearshift with a picture of a coil, is this right? Because every single car I've seen in my shopping does not have this. And I've probably looked at nearly 30 cars now, and none have this this option really that rare? Or is there something else that would indicate a car has Skyhook? Maybe like a VIN lookup site that would say? Any help is appreciated, US market BTW. Thanks!
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Hello aadesh,

Something tells me you need a Maserati forum, and not a Mitsubishi forum. You're welcome here, no doubt, but a Ghibli SQ4 (as beautiful as it is) isn't a Mitsubishi.
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