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Hybrid EC 2020

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CarScoops: Mitsubishi Wants To Be “Small But Beautiful,” Will Launch At Least Nine New Or Redesigned Models.
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Not in the UK or European markets, as Mitsubishi advise they are pulling out and leaving us high and dry.
In their announcements here they have finally killed the full size 4x4 Pajero (Montero) and not replacing it with anything. Nothing else heard so far.
Makes you wonder zarbs, The UK population of 67,8 million alone, plus the rest of Europe, it makes you wonder about the Australian market being safe, with a population of 25 million or so.
It just does not add up somehow.
Anyway, its a dry but overcast afternoon here and on the cool side, but I'm off to cut the front and back lawns, and do some thinking.:LOL:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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