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Twice in the past week had a problem with the auto start button.

At night open the car all lights came on etc - hit button ignition did nothing - multiple attempts - eventually came on.( i did have door open when attempting start )
Daytime opened car hit ignition started - interrupted by phone call so - turned off - went to restart - nothing - eventually started (opened and closed the door)

battery is 3 years old


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Just a thought but have you replaced the keyless fob battery? It may be getting low. One way to test is do the flat battery check on the system. Unlock the car and then sit in the drivers position. If the start button doesn't work does light flash with a colour/color? See the pic below:


If the battery is flat or on the way out in the fob you can hold it close the the start button and the light should turn green on the start button regardless of the battery charge as the system is seeing the fob remote transponder:


The next time you encounter the start issue try this to see if the fob battery charge may be the problem.

As @DibbyDibbyDJ notes the pedal pressure on the brake pedal can be an issue as well. I've had this in the past when moving from our other car, a pickup/ute, that doesn't require as much pedal pressure.

Lastly, do you see any of these messages displayed in the centre of the drivers instrument display? F.A.S.T. is how it is referred in the US manual and stands for Free-hand Advanced Security Transmitter:

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