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Just purchased: 2018 with 1.5T and CVT Transmission

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Hey, just made an account. Girlfriend just bout a 2018 that was a lease with just over 10k miles, has the 1.5L Turbo and CVT transmission.

So far it does seem like a nice vehicle. I did notice when she pulled into the garage that I smelled coolant. She noticed a couple days later when starting the car, that she smelt the same sweet smell of coolant. Has anyeone else had any coolant issues? Thanks
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As long as there aren't any drips on the floor or splatters on the engine, what you're most likely smelling is the cooling system venting air, which will smell like coolant. I notice the smell every now and then. Nothing to worry about, unless you see white smoke out the tail pipe or see your coolant levels dropping.
Or sometimes, after operating the screen wash, you can smell the additive in the water from the screen jets, being picked up by the ventilation system.
If in doubt though, check the engine coolant level just to be sure there are no problems there,
Welcome to the Forum and hope you enjoy your Eclipse Cross.
I smell some sweet coolent as well when I start it sometimes but I wasn't able to find any leaks
I often get this smell at the end of a longer journey. As @Lunatic59 notes its just the smell of the heated coolant leaching from the uncapped overflow port on the top of the overflow tank. I noted early on that the tank had no diverter on this overflow and odours just leak from it when the fluid is hot. I have never had a low level of coolant and I treat this odour as normal running now.
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