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Loud click noise from each wheel/caliper when brakes applied.

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Hi all. Had my 2018 30k miles EC for a month now. Recently, I have noticed what I can only describe as a loud 'click' from each wheel/caliper when the brakes are first applied - like when I first push on the brake peddle and the brake pads first touch the discs. This seems to happen only once the brakes have warmed up. Applying the breaks between changing from 'drive' to ''reverse and back produces the same noise. It's as if the pads,on initial contact with the discs, are rocking in the direction of the wheel within the calipers! Brake performance is fine though. Anyone else experienced this and if so, how was it sorted. Am I OK to continue driving?
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Το ίδιο κ εγώ. Αλλά δεν υπάρχει πρόβλημα.
Το ίδιο κ εγώ. Αλλά δεν υπάρχει πρόβλημα.
If it happens only when you transition from reverse to forward, then it's probably just the calipers repositioning on the sliders and nothing to worry about. I've not heard it with the EC but our MX-5 does it regularly and has no effect on proper brake operation.

As an aside: I've not a clue what Maki said so I hope I'm not repeating anything!

Did you get it used? Do you know if the pads were by chance replaced?

Ticking sounds are typically a function of grease not being applied to brake pad hardware. There are normally spreaders that are in place and act as a kind of spring to both keep the pads in place, and to help the pads separate from the discs once friction is released (caliper depresses). Also, not all hardware are created the same. So the loud clicks could be a factor of that - or incorrect installation. (For instance, on the rear, there are spring clips that ensure that the pad doesn't slide down and off place - and are situated at the bottom of the pad - if installed upside-down, this might be causing the loud click.)

If the person who had performed brake service prior to you getting the vehicle didn't do the service correctly, and simply put pads on without applying grease, you will hear that ticking sound more prominently.
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