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Maintenance schedule

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Hi, My son just got is brand new 2019 E.C 2019 SE .1.5 gas ( canada )

Very nice little SUV.

He just called me and wanted to share with me his first surprise :) Im a mechanics ( old fashion not really up to date :) ) and he is not . a mechanic at all .. very far from that, however he told me that his manual recommend oil change a 6000 km for severe service... well its impossible if you dont stay at home to fall in normal service schedule so ...

Is he right ? Is he looking at the right place ? Nowadays 10 /12/15000 km on Synth.oil is pretty common

He also mentionned valve lash adjustment required at 72000 km !!! Valve lash adjustment in 2019 on a car ?

So i need your light please thanks and sorry for my broken frenchglish !!
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Well here in Germany We are changing the Engine Oil every 30000 KM or each 12 Months. An I changed my EC Engine Oil at 18000 Km, which was a year after I purchased it Brand New 0 KM.
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Hey @Elpato, just curious but are you using the regular manufacture recommended oil or something different?
Someone I know recommends going with a brand like Motul.
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