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At around 6k mi. Purchased July of last year.

Had the TSB service for the cruise control programming done. Due for its second oil change.
Issues (and, yes, I know it's not warranty repairs, but...) ---


  1. Lost one of the screw caps on the factory roof rail.
  2. Plastic splash guard protecting the fuel tank ripped off from the retaining clip. In other words - this thing is not properly suited for anything but roads. (In my case, we drove over a low water crossing and came out on the other side with a dragging sound. Et voila.)
  3. Piano black finish has always been a bad idea - scratches are very easy to come by. No fix there.
  4. Chrome accents on the bumper are susceptible to damage from road debris.
  5. Right side interior trunk panel that's right behind the taillight is coming loose from fitment. Probably just a bad mold job.

Engine / Transmission / Performance:

  1. CVT sucks. I've posted about this numerous times in other posts.
  2. Bad TCU programming - doesn't seem to know what the driver is intending to do, e.g., when in need of instant acceleration with full accelerator pedal depression.
  3. Mitsubishi shouldn't have even called this POS an Invecs system. What a way to disgrace its own reputation by putting this sh*t Nissan transmission in with an otherwise good engine and calling it a "Mitsubishi" product.


  1. Mitsubishi connect app takes forever to connect. Often asks you to re-register the vehicle. If it actually works, it takes forever to actually trigger the desired output. Works only about 10% of the time - total trash of an implementation.
  2. Android Auto is finicky - connectivity with phones are a hit-or-miss. If you've got anything less than Orio (8.1), then it's a coin toss to see if it'll keep connection. Controls and on-screen functions are really weird. Like Windows 98 Media Player weird. Still gotta go through several menus to what would amount to a few taps and a swipe on the phone.
  3. Fingerprint pad doesn't completely work with Android Auto either.
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