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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Engine Specs

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Don't have any specs for NA but there have been some engine specs for the UK Eclipse Cross. So far we have as follows:

1.5L Turbocharged 4-cylinder with a CVT

2.2 Diesel engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission

Apparently in the US, there will be an AWD option as well
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Highly doubt NA will be getting the diesel engine as it's just not that popular there compared to Europe. But we're very likely to see the 1.5L turbo engine and it'll probably come with AWD.
The diesel option was never offered in the GB (UK) or Europe, as diesel engines have fallen out of favour a little, due to the the VW and the like, diesel gate scandal. Petrol now gaining a little more popularity in the GB due to less particulate emissions, even though they have higher CO2 emissions. To be fair though, these emission have been significantly reduced in recent years.

Eclipse Cross Engine and transmission Specs for GB.

1.5ltr Turbocharged with Manual Gearbox 4x2 Transmission drive
1.5ltr Turbocharged with CVT Transmission with 4x2 or 4x4 Transmission drive.
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