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Hi All,
I recently embarked on Front Disc and Pad Replacement - a job I've done many times on other cars but first time on the Eclipse Cross First Edition.
Given expensive Main Dealer prices I picked OEM quality discs and pads from good quality tried and trusted parts factor.
Removal of (2 pot) calipers and mounting brackets was straightforward and quickly got the discs changed having confirmed the new part as identical.
However the pads were slightly different to the pads that came out - same shape including shims but did not have the spring retainers or associated holes to allow reuse. Although the part number is correct, these new pads would not fit back in with the caliper. I noted that the measured thickness was 17mm whereas the specified thickness was 15 mm. Obviously I can't tell the original thickness from the old pads which thankfully were only 50% worn so have refitted them for now while I check with the arts factor.
Wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue, and if so, how they got round it?
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