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Month and a Half in still Happy

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Hello everyone, from Scotland here.
Actually went into Mitsubishi to see about a Diesel Outlander, a manual Eclipse Cross 1st Edition was in the showroom, and it was pretty impressive. So a little research and cooling off period for myself and we went back a week later and ordered an Automatic 1st Edition. It's delivery missed the 1st of March because of all that bad weather but we've now had it for just over a month and a half, it's already done 2200miles and we are still really happy with the car. Myself I like the drive and comfort of the vehicle, don't miss the small loss of space changing from my CV5 to the Eclipse, and loving the sunroof in this great weather.
It's going into the garage today to get illuminated Scuff Plates installed, really want wind deflectors and a bonnet protector, but as I've seen else where on the Forum it's a case of finding a dealer wishing to export.
Hope everyone else are enjoying the car as much as me.
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Maybe wrapping the front in those clear protective wraps would do until you find a bonnet protector?
Otherwise, great to hear that you're enjoying the new Eclipse Cross!
It would seem like you get a long of bang for your buck with Mitsubishi's latest offering. Glad to hear that you're satisfied with the new ride. You should upload some pics once you've got all your new accessories installed. Just out of curiosity, how are you finding the CVT in it?
Yup still enjoying the car, illuminated Scuff Plates are a nice trim to get, recommend them to everyone else.
Cars driving well and if you want it to be more responsive just take off the Eco mode, then it becomes a lot faster in its uptake.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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