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NCAP Gives Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Five Stars In Safety

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New models will undergo safety tests of some kind and on trusted car safety performance assessment programme is the Euro NCAP, which awarded the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross a full five stars. Models that receive this score must demonstrate overall good performance in crash protection and be well equipped with crash avoidance technology.

Don’t let the image of a demolished front bumper fool you as the Eclipse Cross was given an adult occupant safety score of 97%. In a frontal offset crash, the dummy’s knees and femurs were well protected and whiplash injury was kept minimal in the event of a rear-end collision. Where it lost a few points was in the full-width rigid barrier test with one marginal rating. Aside from that the Eclipse Cross passed with flying colors.

When it comes to safety system, the model received a score of 71%. Though this area may have the lowest percentage out of the four test categories, it’s still impressive considering how many standard driver assist technologies the vehicle comes with. The only item missing from the driver equipment list is an active bonnet.

Even the IIHS has crash tested the new Eclipse Cross, though their report seems simple compared to the one Euro NCAP released.
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These scores are pretty much the norm these days with the lowest usually being pedestrian safety. I guess this is where the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross balks at the norm and comes out with 80%. Pretty good scores overall and it'll give owners a peace of mind in case anything happens.
97% is a pretty stellar score for vehicle occupants, and just another indication of what's been packaged in this affordable model. To be honest I'm not a fan of all these drive assist features that are being put in all new cars, so thats not a deal breaker for me.
External cameras are handy, but everything else is no replacement for human control so long as you pay attention while driving. They usually come at additional cost and I've been fine so far without them. Maybe when the features become standard and the kinks have been ironed out.
The only item missing from the driver equipment list is an active bonnet.
I appreciate this is an old thread but given the clearance under the bonnet from the engine an 'Active Bonnet' probably isn't required.

I have a Citroen C6 which has one because the V6 engine sits right under the aluminium bonnet so if a pedestrian impacted it they would be hitting something with no 'give' in it all. 4 cylinder versions of the car don't need the system because of the additional clearance. (taken from an 11 year old item: Forums / The Garage / C6 Active Bonnet - C6owners )

Whilst they may be good in case of a pedestrian impact point of view, it doesn't take a lot to trigger the pyrotechnics and the cost of actually replacing things if they blow is prohibitive to the pint that cars would simply be written of from an insurance point of view now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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