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Greetings, just joined the forum. Bought my 2018 Eclipse Cross SEL brand new in July 2018. Traded in my 2010 Ford Edge Limited. Very pleased with the handling, size, available power, fuel economy (BIG improvement over the Edge!) and comfort. Very good daily commuter, fun to drive, decent road trip vehicle with plenty of space for myself and my wife. Biggest disappointment is the infotainment system. The thin display panel is ugly -- looks like somebody cut a hole in the dashboard and glued an iPad in the slot. The voice control is slow to respond and takes too many "speak after the beep" steps to get to what you want done. Most significantly the features and capability are at least a generation behind what I had in my Edge. No CD/DVD system, no internal media storage and no navigation system. Yes, I know it is equipped with software to connect to those features in a smart phone, but I do not own a smart phone and have no intention of ever buying one. At a minimum I should be able to have an internal navigation system as an option without having to buy a Garmin (which I did). But I am happy with the Eclipse Cross. Good value for the money and (so far) good performance/reliability.
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