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Firstly... I'm really on the fence with the name of this crossover. Mainly because I had an eclipse before and like my username, it was a 98 GSX. So on one side I feel that this is stupid that they're calling it an Eclipse but on the other hand... I kind of want it even more because it's called an Eclipse.

I don't have the Eclipse anymore but it would be cool to say I did and now it'll cater to me much better because it'll be drastically more spacious which is what I need. There's that and I actually do like the styling of it. Albeit the rear end looks kind of weird.. but I can live with it. Weird doesn't mean I don't like it, just that it's different.

Comes with apple carplay which is great. Interior is simple but not ugly or boring.

We'll see how this plays out lol.
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