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New YB EC owner

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Hey guys,

First post here in the forum.

My wife and I have just purchased a 2020 MY21 YB ES Eclipse Cross and we're loving it so far! We loved the fact the the YB has ditched the rear light bar, track pad and they addressed the body roll. The YB IMO is a vast improvement over the older model - Plus I like the front styling more too!

I was just hoping to ask you guys a couple of questions about the car;

1) Is there a way to display a digital speedo in dash? I can only seem to find Trip, settings, fuel usage etc...
2) We have been disappointing by the lack of rear air vents in small/medium entry level SUV's. I read a post that apparently the EC has them under the front seats? I found a couple of rear-facing black tubes in the floor but no air seems to come out - Are these the rear air vents?
3) We opted for the ES as the LS didn't seem to offer enough extra for the premium - (We like the key-less entry and LDW but not really phased by the rest of the, 'upgrades'.) I hate the old school fixed key - Are there folding/flip key kits for these cars?
4) We would like to look into getting a full size spare as we do some country driving, however $~500AUD is a little steep for one rim and tyre. Does anyone know if any other Mitsubishi wheels come in the same size rim/tyre combination? Maybe an outlander or equivalent? Might look at a wreckers and see what's available to see if I can save a few $$$.
5) I was also looking into drive away locking but apparently that's not something available on the EC.

I'm sure I'll find some other things to ask soon, but I appreciate your help in the meantime!

Thanks all.
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Welcome to the forum, @NVT. The restyle for 2021 has been discussed in other threads. I personally think the removal of the split rear window removes some character as well, but it's a personal preference. The front end does indeed look pretty sharp.

I think they nixed the heads-up display in the 2021, right? If they haven't changed the info screen, then no, I don't think there is a digital speed display option for the info screen.

Can't really help you with #2 &3.

For a full sized spare, if it's truly only a spare, why not get a steel wheel? It's a lot cheaper than allow rims and would do until you got the regular wheel repaired.

As for 5, it's not an option (without hacking the ECU) if it's not required by law in your region.
Hi NVT, and a warm welcome to the forum. Here's wishing you many happy miles in your Eclipse Cross.
You do get a digital road speed read out in the hud screen, if your car is equipped with the option. You just have to make sure that this facility is switched on. with the clear screens rising up in front of the driver, directly above the speedometer dash area when you operate the ignition sequence. The on/off control switch for this item is to the right of the steering wheel at the lower dash level.
It looks from the pictures I've seen of the new model, that the rear screen is no bigger than the upper rear window in the original design, as the boot metal work seems to have replace the lower window arrangement. But as long as you are happy with the new arrangement, that's all that matters.
Unfortunately here in Britain, we will not be getting the new model so cannot compare it with our model in the flesh, as Mitsubishi have decided in their wisdom, to leave the British and European markets and concentrate on their Home, Far East and North and South American markets, plus your homeland of course.
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Thanks for the replies everyone!

I guess I'll just have to spend some more time getting acquainted with the car and check everything out in more detail. It's a great car so far!

Really enjoying reading through all the info in the forums :)

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