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Noise and vibration

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Hi! Did anyone meet such thing? The new car Eclipse Cross Motion 150T CVT, just received from dealer (Europe).Tthere is notable vibration takes place at about 1600-1700 rpm. Especially when start-up cold engine (initial rpm are 1700-1800 slightly slowing down passing 1600-1500 having vibration). Also notably "roars" while acceleration. it is very strange for the new car. I will present it to dealer of course, but probably someone met something like this?
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Not something I have experienced in my 6 months of driving.

As it is a newly delivered vehicle take it back to the dealer to have it tested. I suggest you take the service person who will work on the car for a ride so you can explain/demonstrate the issue and they can have the background of your concern otherwise they may well just take the car, do some rudimentary tests, and return it to you saying they couldn't find any problem.
Thanks! I'll do it, i have an appointment for tomorrow. The only question was, if someone knows such fenomenon by experience. What might be nature of that sound and vibration. Anyway, I will share my experience after visiting dealer.
I am sorry, i don't speak and write good. I am from Greece and I have the same problem with my eclipse cross cvt when it's cold. At 1400-1700 rpm. The engineers of mmc tell me that all is good. When the car is at normal temperature everything is ok.
When accelerate at 1200-1900 rpm
uphill there's a noise. I think the word is "percussion "or "Pre-ignicion". Have someone the same problem?
When I use 95oct petrol I listen this noise but when I use 100oct petrol is not verry strong.
As I wrote, I went to dealer and after short road test the car was elevated with car-lift. We found notable "metallic clangs" while knoking the front part of the exhaust line (resonator). Looks like there are some loose parts inside. The staff decided to order a new one to replace under warranty. Within 2 weeks I will update the topic.
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Good you found the possible cause of the noise. Let us know if all is well after the new part is fitted under warranty. 14.56 UK time
Delivery the replacement took much more time than expected. Anyway, recently I came to dealer and the part was changed... The resonance peak at 1600-1700 got less but not disappeared fully. This was obvious fault of the part of escape system on the new car from manufacturer. In other words, after replacement, the curve RPM/sound got more flat. The roar while accelerating (normal rate) is still heard but not irritating as much as before. I guess it is inherent feature of the escape system of this model. One more thing; I am not sure, but it seemed to me that using gas E10 (in France) gave less "noise" than E5...No idea.
Good it has been replaced and now not so noisy. It will improve as it settles in I'm sure.
I find my manual ECs engine is fairly quiet and not very intrusive in normal driving. Makes itself heard though with more enthusiastic type driving.
Had a CVT for 2 years now and haven't had any of the noise/vibration described in the original post
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