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Polarizing Design

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Perhaps the Eclipse Cross has a polarizing effect on people because Motor Trend can't decide if it's refreshing or revolting.

Personally think it's great even if it may look like an Outlander Sport out front. The general grille and surrounding area is similar but there are difference and it's normal for cars under the same brand to share features.
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Don't know about Motor Trend, but as for me, Eclipse Cross has a nice design. I do agree that it shares a lot of details with Outlander in terms of its front end, however, it doesn't seem like a bad thing for me.
The front looks exemplary IMO, but perhaps the rear is putting people off with how the taillight reaches from one side to the other.
Out back, Mitsubishi used the taillights to give the Eclipse Cross a split rear window. The result is a look that’s certainly unique, but again, it’s not necessarily attractive. But hey, at least the rear end is a lot more memorable than the Outlander Sport.
I like it but at first took a lot of time adjusting to the new look. A real test of some new design is how the public's opinion of it changes as the product ages. Come back in 6 months from now and we'll see what most of you have to say. Odds are it will be good.
Maybe it'll look a lot better in person compare to what we see in pictures and renderings. But that'll have to wait until they start appearing at dealerships. The Eclipse Cross is certainly unique and if someone can buy other more hideous cars, then they can overlook a small thing like this.
I think with some relatively minor aftermarket modifications, it would be a pretty cool looking little CUV. With some tinting I think those rear taillights could be far less obnoxious, and there is no denying that it has a cool looking effect at night time.

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For a mid production cycle refresh I would like to see them change it from being a bar through the middle to just taller lights at the sides. That to me will be a cleaner look and make it seem like a bigger vehicle.
It is strange at first. But the more I look at it the more I like it. Planning to order and would prefer to be less eye-catchy :).
Like the meaty front, also I'm actually a big fan of the rear design which doesn't hinder driving visibility at all. Must admit I've had more people ask me about this car than any other I've owned. Still enjoying the motor a lot.
I agree with Alan, I have had people pass me on the road, brake, and trail behind me for a few minutes. Never had that in any other car.
it was the front and rear design that swung it for me, especially the complete cross tail light. Anything that makes me more obvious at night is a big plus. Ive seen references to the rear tail light assembly interfering with the vision but I suspect that these comments only come from someone who driven the car for a short while.
I've had my Cross 4 for a couple of weeks now and I must admit that it makes no difference to me I see everything i want and added to the very clear wing mirrors rear vision is no problem.
Top marks for design Mitsubishi!
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