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Hi everyone,

Oh, a little about myself.. Currently in the military stationed in Hawaii, potentially moving to Washinton(not DC) in a couple of years.. Love to mod cars.. Baby on the way.. Yikes.

I recently traded in my 2012 Genesis 3.8 Track for the EC, was looking for something sporty, practical and inexpensive for my baby on the way. I can say that I had zero intentions of buying the EC, I was just browsing the dealership searching for a Nissan Rogue until I stumbled on a 2019 All black EC realized that it was 1.5T and AWD for only $27k brand new.. The looks are very enticing.. The LEDs are on point, if you removed the Mitsubishi logo, you'd think it'll be some kind of fancy European car. Can't really beat that..

The performance is a little let down but its mainly my wife's car and its zippy enough around town. The AWD is great for the snowy season. Looking forward to potentially swaps or mods for the future but for now, I'll just stick to cosmetics to not void the warranty. BTW, does anyone know where to get actual HIDs for our cars? Halogens not cutting it.

Happy modding.

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Congratulations on the purchase.

I am also ex military.

I recall in 1966 I was in the Navy and we sailed to Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) for exercises with the USN and to try and sell a missile the Aussie Navy had developed.

We were there for three months and I think the locals were glad when we left.

One bloke took a 66 Mustang for a test drive and went AWOL for a week with the car.

Too many stories to tell here, however, I expect the place has changed now.

Is Hotel Street still a dump?

Safe driving.
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