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Recall update failed

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Now we all know the F.C.M. recall issues. However since mine the car has been a nightmare. Getting warnings to brake when the road is clear, annoying but can deal with. The real issue is the automated breaking, again when the road is clear or decent space between cars. For example;
1. Driving down the A1 dual carriageway in fast lane, nothing close then the car does emergency stop!! Lorry just missed running into back of us (let's day he wasn't happy).
2. Driving my son and his big friend to work during Lincoln rush hour, when the
Same thing happens!!! Big friend squealed like a girl!! I could go on but you get the point.
My question is "Is anyone else having the same issues?"

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I would take it straight back in to the Dealer who carried out the upgrade without delay. Just drive it straight there, never mind about making appointments etc., as your car seems to be seriously unsafe to drive.
Your experience is exactly what the update was supposed to prevent and cure. Sounds like the update has not been applied properly, or something has gone badly and seriously wrong with the FCM system
Though I no longer have my Eclipse Cross, it ran perfectly after the update was applied, with no issues whatsoever arising.
Don't delay, your car is a serious danger, not only to you, but all other road users..
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I agree with @Telferstr 110%. If the dealer balks, or even shows the slightest hesitation, I'd call Mitsubishi regional or corporate. They should fall all over themselves to get it fixed since they'd be on the losing end of a lawsuit - BIG lawsuit - should anything serious happen.
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