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Hope this is the correct place for this question.

Q: is there a way/a setting to remotely open/close the windows with the key fob?

I ask this because previous cars I've had do this [Ford Focus, Audi A3] if, for example, you leave the car forgetting to close a window, pressing and holding the key fob lock button puts the window(s) up. Similarly, pressing and holding the key fob unlock button puts the window(s) down. Doesn't seem to work with the EC.

(Years ago, I had a Mazda 626 that automatically put the windows up if you left the car and locked it leaving the windows down.)
Yeah so like everyone else is saying there isn't an option for that. Jeep didnt have it on my 2008 grand Cherokee overland. So not all have that option.

Aftermarket options do exist. But the problem that you'd most likely run into is the fact that
1. The battery is small
2. The ignition has to be on fully before windows work. Cant use windows in accessories position. Most systems rely on ignition accessories position being able to integrate with.
3. Id say the first step is to get a remote start system installed first. Then look into diy esp32/eap8266 or raspberry pi zero to control smart features like that. Having an Aftermarket remote start system installed and properly talks to the car base security computer will be your best bet.
4. Yes this is $$$ if not an extra $. Mitsubishi skipped out on functions to make the car cheaper to push it out to americans and bring in some revenue. Look at 2021 for the 2022 EC. Its much more expensive and has options standard that newer cars of other manufacturers have already been producing.

Take away. Look at what is needed to interface with the car without setting off the car alarm 🚨 lol then see if you can diy a accessory controller.
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