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Replacing the OEM Cargo Blind

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My last two Mitsubishi's (Outlander and Pajero) both had cargo blinds like the EC. However, Mitsubishi supplied a high quality blind with hand hold/pull and a good quality thick blind material. Sadly, with the EC they went cheap and nasty. The blind has no pull handle and the blind fabric is thin and cheap with all edges plastic welded. The mounting is quite sturdy but the physical blind is very low quality. The pull section has a cardboard insert which supplies the rigidity to hold the blind in the closed position. This has a tendency to deform in hot weather I encounter here and droops downwards in the centre.

I decided to look into available replacements. AliExpress had a good quality replacament available from multiple sellers. I went with this seller and am happy with the result. Around AU$85 plus shipping and it arrived in under two weeks. It shipped in a sturdy well packaged box and arrived in pristine condition.

All areas of the replacement blind are sewn and the moulded plastic pull section is thick and sturdy with no cheap materials. The mounting section has a metal rod through it which connects easily to the existing trim mounting points when closed. Plus the metal roller housing mounting section is painted black unlike the OEM part which is silver.

Old blind:



New blind:


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That does look like a good one. (y) The link shows $60 U.S. :)
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