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RFID in Key

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Has anyone ever seen what the RFID in the key looks like? I'm considering taking one apart to try to make a key into a bracelet. Essentially making an "Activity Key" that Jaguar has. But I'm curious of the shape and size of the chip thing. I don't want to break a key for nothing.
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My previous key fobs for my Pajero (Montero) and Outlander simply opened to reveal the removable circuit board and battery. The fob circuit board for the EC in Australia is completely sealed so you can't get it out of the case (see the pic). It also has a waterproof seal installed which the previous fobs did not. I would surmise the large square IC that is visible is the RFID chip and its associated antenna as this is the exact area of the fob which needs to be placed against the push start button in the case of a failed battery. The number on the IC is 2203 181013VD but a quick search doesn't show anything with that number. I think it will be a large bracelet if that is the case...

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Humm yeah. Thanks zarbs. Yeah i wasn't thinking it would be small nessesarily. Just trying to see what the part looked like to try to get an idea.
Tough call. These things aren't cheap and you'd need it paired with the car first before you tried dissecting it to get at the innards. The pairing process is covered in the owners manual in chapter 5 from memory. Saves being charged by a dealer for the job...
Yeah I've done the pairing before on a number of cars. No big deal to me. I rarely see the dealer unless it's a covered service.
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