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Routine maintenance light won't switch off

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Recently had service done on 67 plate eclipse cross and local garage was unable to reset ‘routine maintenance’ service light.

Followed some instruction form online forums – with ignition off I tried to hold down the button below, spanner flashes but says ‘OFF’ next to it, won’t display ‘CLEAR’ when reset held for 3 seconds or more.

Rang dealer and they said it has to be done by a dealer or private garage with correct equipment. Is this true or are there any other reset options?


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This is true, you will need a capable bi-directional scan tool to reset it
Thanks for this, does this vary from region to region around the world on the cars as I've seen videos on you tube showing people physically doing it on screen?
You do need your doors shut to use that method.

However if your car has been to a Mitsubishi dealer they use a tool to program an "extra reminder" so when you collect your car the reading is accurate. The method you describe will only allow you to reset the reminder in blocks of time and distance. For example here in Aus its 15000km or 12 months. so if you have your service late, you cannot set the reminder to the correct distance to next interval, so the set this "extra reminder", which you can only modify with a scantool.

This is the same system on ALL mitsubishi around the globe
oohh just posted about this. i have this problem now, it not getting cleared.. but i have done this reset thing before. in dont know whats the issue now..
maybe the option to clear it was not installed when they replaced my ECU..
It isnt that.

The service reminder system is over complicated.

Every time you press the buttons to rest the service indicator, you are acheiving that correctly, But that will only reset it to whatever your next interval is. When at the dealers they want you to come in on schedule, and unless you are right on the day and distance at your service, the dealer will set an EXTRA service indiactor, to show you the actual KMS and months until its due again. This can only be reset using a scan tool.

So if you unknowingly try to reset your service indicator using the button press method, you will increase the duration by say 12 months and 10000kms. and if you think it hasnt worked, you try again. Another 12 months and 10000 are added. All the while the indicator on the dash isnt moving, because the display will only show the lowest distance and duration of either the 2 indicators. If you go to a dealer to ask them to remove the extra reminder you will see it is at for example 45 months and 56000kms. You cannot change this to the correct setting using button presses, only by resetting the EXTRA reminder using a scan tool.

In reality, very few customers worldwide see the indicator they can reset, it is always showing the extra reminder that the dealer sets.
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