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Here are 3 of my previous cars. All were excellent and gave no trouble at all. Covered a period from 2002 till May 2016

Can't at the moment find my first 75, start with the next one. The first picture my Rover 75 in Arden Green, this was my second 75. Next 75 Estate and my last Rover 75 in White Gold. The third picture, my S Type Jaguar in Zircon Blue, which I had for 10 years and was sorry to see it go. and still miss it today. All had 5 speed Manual Gearboxes. 000_0059-1 Rover75@Loch Ard.JPG 000_0019.JPG Rover 75 Estate.JPG 441 - Copy.JPG
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Nice lineage @Telferstr. Whilst yours has been Jaguar mine has been all Mitsubishi. I don't have pics of the three before these but they were all Mitsubishi as well. First my pic is of the Verada which was a top of the line model I had as my company lease. Built in Adelaide Australia and could be found in Japan as the Super Sedan and also as a LHD model in the USA (all built in Adelaide Australia). In the US I was able to buy the car bra for their model and fit it straight to my Verada:


Next was the 380 which was an Australian version of the US Galant. It had the same shape but the front grille was different and the running gear was redesigned for Australian conditions. This was a VRX model with leather and subtle exterior tweaks. I was able to buy a car bra for the US Galant and fit it to my 380 with some minor mods.


Third comes the Outlander. Black this time and also a VRX model. Was very happy with this SUV which was my last company car.


Lastly, prior to my EC, was the Pajero Exceed. Called a Montero in some geos as Pajero in Spanish is a derogatory term. Mostly used on our farm this one. Lasted four years till the EC. We've now found the need for a proper ute/pick up and have traded my partners Subaru XV/Crosstrek for a 4x4 ute.


The personalised number plates have always moved between vehicles for the last 20 years though the style has changed over that time.

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Disclaimer: These are not my actual vehicles, but pictures as close as I could find. I don't seem to take a lot* of pictures of my cars.

* not a lot translates to "none".

I'm not going back to my fist car (a '62 VW Beetle) so let's only go back 30 years ...

A '93 Mazda MPV minivan.


It was my first 4WD vehicle and was great for hauling both kids and fishing gear. Never got stuck in the mud by the lake when me and my best friend would go night fishing. I was heading home from a meeting in the winter and hit a patch of ice at less than 15 mph, but it was enough to send me over a curb and bend the front axel. It was never the same after that. Traded it in in 2000 for a Montero Sport.


This was a GREAT vehicle. Other than a flat tire once, it never let me sit in over 175k miles. It still ran great when I traded it in, but it was going to need new catalytic converters for over $2k. And, it got pretty lousy mileage -- around 18 m.p.g.

I traded my beloved Montero in on a 2011 Outlander.


I had no complaints here. Mine had the "sun and sound" package, with the sun roof and Rockford-Fosgate sound system. I really liked the split rear gate as it was easy to load up the dogs. I had about 130k miles on it when I traded it in for my current Eclipse Cross last year.
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