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Should there be Keyless boot opening?

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Should you be able to open the boot keylessly? I can open the two front doors this way but not the boot.
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Yes, I am able to open the boot keyless. It can be finicky though and sometimes I have to move my body closer to the car to get the key recognised. You can also lock the car by pressing the button to the right of the release button. This lock function seems to work better than the unlock function.
There is a small button just next to the release pad which you can use to lock the car. I find to open it you just stand close with key fob on your person, and press the opening pad and the tailgate opens.
There should be multiple ways to unlock the boot (rear hatch?). Assuming you have keyless entry, you can press the fob twice. (Once only unlocks the driver's door) or you can press the button on the driver door handle twice. My preferred method is to simply use the release on the back. If you have the fob with you, it should unlock right away.
A pain in the butt... I have owned mine for 4 plus years and I think it has opened 4 times...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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