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Speedkar mechanical review

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Pretty good look at the engine and chassis of our cars.

Compare this video to the one on say, a VW Tiguan!
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By heck, he can talk fast. Good though.馃槃
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Must be the base model, because all those things he said the Cross was lacking, mine has.
Yes it looks like it Lunatic59, I note it has no front parking sensors fitted which would indicate a basic specification. Though it does have 18" wheels, which are not offered on the basic UK spec, having 17" wheels as a standard fitting.
Cool I'm glad you guys like that. Even though it starts with an insult haha. That must be the Canadian base model because the US one has the 16inch wheels.

I've watched now, a Mazda CX vid, a VW Tiguan and the Ford Escape with a 1.5 turbo.
Oo and I watched the GTI video.

The one thing I noticed is the EC stands out with maintenance, layout and overall design holds up to the competition and in many areas it's better. The only thing that made me cringe was all the stamped steel suspension components, especially after seeing the Ford and GTIs aluminum arms. Otherwise I was pleasantly surprised.
The turbo Ford suprised me in other ways.

Also, we might be the only ones that notice, most people assume Mitsubishis are disposably made.
Yeah, @Mountainsofbeer - I do appreciate the videos that you've been sharing :)
Very informative and illuminating indeed.

The interesting part about the Cross, when I first checked the underchassis, I did notice a lot of components borrowed from the Outlander. This is in many ways good, and in others not so good. For instance, the suspension characteristics of the Outlander make it feel very stable - but at the same time, borrowing parts designed specifically for a larger vehicle makes for interesting tweaks. I've always been curious about center of gravity on this vehicle: can't tell if its rather obvious body roll is due to super soft components (again, lighter Outlander), or because it's just not optimized for its weight and dimensions. Considering how the Cross is generally heavier than the Outlander, it's curious that the former's suspension is decidedly softer than that of the Outlander.

Sadly, not a lot of aftermarket out there either. Even just a set of thicker roll bars would be nice, I'm sure.

Not surprising either is the over-abundance of plastic parts all over. From the intake manifold and valve cover, to various cladding in the underchassis (I've lost several clips and one splash shield going across low water crossings), it's a trend common to most new vehicles these days.

I've said it so many times before - Mitsubishi has a lot of good designs accumulated over the years. The 4B40 being a distant cousin to the 4G15. Which says a lot.
And I still believe some engineers are holding on to these older designs for a reason --- because they work very well!

It would be nice if, in upcoming motorsports events, it starts incorporating some of the good bits from off its old dust bins - to see just what their production vehicles can do.
Earlier this year, the Cross competed in Dakar, though as can be expected, this was in a highly-modified Cross. Nothing like the Pajero Evo of old. (Still angry they're killing even the Pajero!)

Still - it would be nice to have more Mitsubishis compete again. And then we'd have more competition-level tech and R&D to put into consumer vehicles.
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From the Outlander too bad not the OS .
I had H&R lifting springs and KYB struts on the one I traded in and even though it was higher off the ground it handled well.

I did see that Dakar EC, it really is a race car yea!

I think the ES 16inch rims and 70 sidewall tires make the ride even softer and more muted to the point where I drive less aggressively than I used to, plus I'm getting older haha.
He's talking about a timing "chain." Assuming it's a 4B40 engine, I thought the cams were belt driven?
You can get a good look at the engine from this exploded diagram. Its a chain and there are solenoids for valve timing edit* I think they mean hydraulic solenoid not electric, and by hydraulic I mean it uses engine oil to operate. In alot of ways that sounds more robust than using an electric motor.
Anyway I had to look up how Mivec works myself and there are different versions depending if the engine is SOHC or DOHC can get confusing

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