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Tire issues on 2020 eclipse cross 4wd model

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Hi every one My Name is Jason and i am new to the group i bought a 2020 eclipse cross 4wd model about 4 months ago and recently I notice the front tire on felt like it was either out of balnce or felt like it had a flat spot yet when I drive on highway it seem to go away some. Now I took it to dealer where I got it and they claim they checked the balanceing on each tire when all the service order says is they reset tire pressure and test drove and say there is now issue. I also noticed that the tire that i think is the problem only has the stick on weight on the inside of the tire and none on the outside. So as of right now I am stumped on what to do as the dealer thinks its fine.
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Buy a Honda?

Kidding lol. The valve stem is on the inside? Never seen that before. Take it back to the dealer and tell them to drug test their mechanics again! Also complain at a high decibel like a old civic with 70 dollar fart can on it!
Oh read it wrong my bad. It’s the balance weights on the inside only. My bad. That is pretty common.
Because of the design of modern wheels with flat faces it is no longer possible to mount balancing weights on the outside face of the wheel. If the balance is out they will stick the to the well face of the wheel and the actual position will depend on whether the balance shows inner or outer positioning is required. On my wheels weights are mostly set opposite the valve stem if any and all are mounted centrally (on the centre line of the tire/tyre) in the well of the wheel.
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Welcome Jason,
I would take it to a reputable tire shop (not the dealer) and have them re-check the balance on all four wheels and inspect the tires for damage. A broken belt within the tire may cause that sort of thing (did you hit any large potholes lately?) but I would bet it's something out of whack with the balance. Good luck!
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Hi Jason and welcome to the Forum and hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.
Best as others have said to take your car to a reputable tyre shop and have them check the suspect wheel and the opposite tyre on the same axle and see what they find.
Are you feeling vibration through the steering wheel at certain speeds which disappears once the road speed increases or what.
Almost sounds like a wheel bearing but on a new car I dunno.

It might just be that one tire was made hard to balance and bad luck.

If your car has been this way and vibrating your steering wheel tell the dealer or your mechanic that this isn't the experience you want, and that they can do better heh.
I had this problem on day one. I had the dealer rebalance. Then I paid my favorite tire shop $50.00 bucks to do it again. It was a little better after, honestly. I know I was hell bent that there was an issue with the tires because "it didnt feel right" and it was bumpy and vibrate-y. Then I either slowly got used to it or after 6,000 miles the wheels have evened out. I'm not sure which honestly as it was a year ago and it obviously no longer bothers me and I no longer feel an issue. There is a ride difference on these tires vs my old good tires on my old suv. I do look forward to new tires in a couple of years.
Do you have access to another set of wheels you can try? Even (perhaps) trying the compact spare in place of the suspected culprit to see if it's any better?

I'm just thinking if it's not the tires, alignment or wheel bearings, maybe it's the wheel? That's highly unlikely, I know, but using the process of elimination, that seems the next logical step.
Anytime you have vibration or any shaking in a wheel at front.. you should move it to the back.
Question.. was wheel rotated or did they just remove the single wheel balance and then place back in same position if such they they all are idiots ... first they should try to repeat issue by doing a road test to confirm there's a problem. Once or if Identify then balance wheel and move and rotate to another position..this was isolate problem to either wheel or the front assembly that wheel was mounted to... if issue not detected at same position but however notice at point that bad wheel was place then you know for sure that the issue is with the versa
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