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Tire/wheel packages?

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We are going to be tossing winter tires on the stock 16" wheels that came on the Cross (as a previous Eclipse owner I still have issues with the name :LOL: ) and looking at a set of 18" wheels for spring, summer, and fall. What is the largest tire people have been able to fit under these?
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I've been eyeing LP Adventure LP1s in silver, I would get them in 17inch.

But overall I like that rally style wheel design that many brands sell like OZ etc.. and I hate black wheels because it hides the details and is overdone by every brand, including Mitsubishi.

Would love to see pics whenever you decide, edits; you didn't say whether you wanted large for off road or wide like 18x8 with summer tires?
I'm looking for road use, this isn't going to be an off-road toy LOL.

My wife loves the look of black rims on a white car (wish she would go bronze) like she had on her Tribeca, and while the bolt pattern from her other rims fit, the offset is wrong for an 18x8.

Just looking to improve general handling as the 16" stock rim/tire setup has A LOT of sidewall flex, and while that is great on snow and sand, for turning and stopping on nice roads, it's not optimal :)

I like the CE28. But there’s tons of styles in black. Great wheels , very strong. And they’re light as hell. Only problem is you pay for that. $$$
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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