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Hi, looking for information regarding towing a 1500 kg caravan.Any members towed with Eclipse Cross and how did it do?,thank you
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Hi Wassa, welcome to the forums. I have a tow bar package fitted and regularly tow my 7 x 4 trailer with a 1m high cage. I have used it to transport soils up to the tray lip and saw dust for our horse stable filled to the top of the cage with no issue though the maximum I have pulled is around 1 tonne. The limit of the trailer. I find the response from the EC with a load to be good but, of course, petrol consumption does go up. The ride with a heavy trailer attached is good and overall vehicle control is not hampered. It's heavier on fuel when using the aircon and the EC does labour a bit when pulling up hills in this situation but steady use of the throttle assists. ECO mode is out with towing. It reduces the engine too much and the car does labour on hills and inclines. Overall, I enjoy using the trailer...
Hi Zarbs, that is a great help to know at least it will do the job if I go down that path, thank you Wassa
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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