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TPMS - does it show what the pressure is

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HI - In my previous car a Nissan Qashqai - the tyre pressure monitor would show me what the individual pressure is in each tyre - I cannot find anywhere in the menus of my Eclipse cross this feature - I cant find anything that shows what pressure my monitor has been set at either - all i can see is something about tyre ID and a reset option - can anyone enlighten me please?
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The TPMS in the EC only illuminates a warning lamp if it registers an underinflated tire. It does not indicate which or give you a readout of what the pressure is.
i bought this for my other car ... sensors replace valve stem caps on each wheel, and display plugs in to 12V cig outlet. shows individual tire pressures. around $60 on amazon.

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I was going to suggest looking at an aftermarket system as well. A small price to pay for better mindfulness.
I have used this for the last two vehicles I had, I have a set on my EC and have had no problems, however, what is the best tyre/tire pressure to run with?


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