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Tpms System Fault.

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I have recently purchased a Eclipse cross 3, 2018 with 7800 miles (two weeks ago).

On my first outing on a motorway ( 2 days after purchasing), a fault came up saying TIRE PRESSURE MONIOR SERVICE REQUIRED.

I duly took it back to the dealer the following day and they said it was now fixed.


Have taken it out on motorways since then and the fault reoccurs.
It would appear the fault only happens when traveling at high speeds for a length of time and particularly in hot weather, if I slow down the fault eventually clears.

The car is going back to the dealers this Thursday for them to try again!!

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
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During the winter on my ASX which the Eclipse Cross replaced, sometimes I would get a message that the Tyre Pressures Low and need attention.
I increase the pressures just a little and this cured the problem. There is a warning in the handbook that low temperatures can affect the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system.
However, you seem to have the problem the other way round. Maybe worth checking that the tyre pressures are correctly set, just in case they are the cause of the problem.
TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System): once you have checked the tyres pressure, you must reset the warning threshold. You will find how to do this on page 6-121 (if the manuel is the same as mine).
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