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Transmission Service Required and Service Engine Soon Alert

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I have a very strange situation with my Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2020, and I need an advice please.
A week ago, I noticed that my car battery is about to run-out, so I took my car to my regular dealer (a certified Mitsubishi dealer – all maintenance performed there from day 1).
During the drive “AS&G service required” and “Transmission service required” suddenly appeared on my dashboard.
They performed a battery replacement and reset the computer. They told me that all these alerts are due to battery issue. At this point there were no alerts on my dashboard. I took the car a drive around 20 minutes, and noticed that transmission ratio is not as expected, but no alerts came up.
Later this day, I had additional two hours drive. After about 40 minutes of drive the same alerts appear again, and transmission got crazy.
I returned to my dealer a day after. He claims that the transmission is malfunctioning and need a replacement.
I’ve attached all the computer errors
Does anyone have a clue what's going on?
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hi, i just having the same issue rightnow, this problem is most probably your alternator, your alternator needs to be changed that one. i fixed that issue and errors gone, but two is the transmission, I haven't fixed it yet, I noticed that my transmission fluid smells different, turns out that my coolant was mixed with it and now I cant fix it.
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