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Turning signals.

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has anyone had any problems changing the front turning signals? Anyone got any tips?
Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forums. The front turn signals are a pain to remove. I replaced mine with 21W LED lamps. Removal of the splash guard for access to the lamps is detailed in the owners manual in section 9. You pop off the guard trim to around the top of the fender opening. Underneath you will find three clips and a bolt. Once removed you can access the front turn signal by pulling back the splash guard. It is a tight fit getting your hand in to remove the bulb with a counterclockwise twist. Perseverance here but it comes out. Once out it's just a reverse process for install. Check the correct function of the bulb prior to closing up the panels just in case it doesn't work once in place. For info on replacing them with LED's see the thread I started in this regard:

Enjoy the forums...
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