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Just wanna see what everyone has had history with, whether it's been all SUV, all cars, had a few cars and after X reasons had to go SUV, whatever your story is, I want to hear it!

I've owned a 98 Eclipse GSX before. That was a very very fun vehicle until... well let's just say a series of unfortunate events. After that I moved onto a Honda Accord for the time being before I was ready to get something fresher. After that, moved onto a Tahoe for a little but that just too much for me. Down to a CR-V I went and it's been my beat around for a while. The Cr-V is spacious but I just don't like it at all and the Eclipse Cross looks like it'll provide more space at that either way.

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1980 - given a 1973 Holden Belmont station wagon (my parents' old car)
1984 - bought a 1956 (!) Peugeot 206 from a friend's grandmother for AUD $200
1987 - bought a 3-year-old Honda Accord
1989 - rolled the Accord, and bought a 4-year-old Mazda 323
1993 - bought a 3-year-old Toyota Corolla hatchback
1997 - bought a 5-year-old Toyota Picnic 6-seater
2018 - scrapped the 21-year-old Toyota Picnic, since the children have left home
2018 - bought a dealer demonstrator Eclipse Cross 4

The first two were in Australia, the next two in New Zealand, and the last four in England.

I've also had work cars, borrowed cars, and shared and rented many cars over the years. My introduction to the Eclipse Cross was when I got one as a free rental upgrade from Hertz. I never would have considered a Mitsi otherwise. I received an ASX as the previous rental, and that didn't impress me at all. I would probably have stuck with Toyota if they had embraced Android Auto, in which case I might have got a Camry or Rav4.

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1999 - VW Golf 2 (my1985)
2004 - Opel Astra (my1995)
2005 - Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 MAT
2016 - Renault Megane 1.5 dci edc (my2016)
2018 - Eclipse Cross (my2018)

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Let's see... cars I've owned, not ones I've helped build or borrowed... :)
In stock form, not including modifications...

1996: 1993 Lancer ES 1.3L 5/MT, white (first car, family-bought as "learner" vehicle)
2001: 2001 Eclipse GT-P 3.0L 5/MT, Dover White Pearl (first car I bought)
2006: 2006 Eclipse GT-P 3.8L 6/MT, Ultra Red Pearl
2012: 2008 Galant Ralliart 5/AT, Rally Red
2013: 2009 Eclipse GT-P 3.8L 6/MT, Sunset Orange Pearl with Terracotta interior
2014: 2014 Outlander Sport SE CVT AWC, White Pearl (Wife's)
2015: 2014 Lancer Evolution X MR 6/ADCT/SST, Cool Silver Metallic
2015: 2015 Outlander Sport GT CVT AWC, Quicksilver Pearl (Wife's)
2017: 2015 Lancer Evolution X FE, 5/MT, Rally Red
2017: 1994 FTO GPX Car of the Year, 5/AT, Dandelion Yellow
2018: 2018 Eclipse Cross GT, CVT, S-AWC, Bronze Metallic (Wife's)

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Since 1974 starting with a Ford Anglia far to many to list I'm afraid (and can't remember them all!)

Current line up is a mix of cars!

2018: Eclipse Cross Edition One CVT Diamond Red

2008 Citroen C6 2.7 HDi with Hydractive Suspension (my 4th C6) - yes it is a better ride than the Mitsubishi, not as practical, but a great long distance tourer.

1952 Citroen Traction Avant 11BL - For fun in the summer

I did back in 2010 own a Citroen C-Crosser, basically a re badged Outlander so am familiar with Mitsubishi quirks :)

Before the Eclipse Cross was a Merc E Class convertible but the doors were just to heavy and impractical to get in and out of in supermarket car parks!

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2000: 1984 Pontiac Fiero (put the motor in this vehicle)
2005: 1996 Toyota Camry (2 door)
2008: 2006 Toyota Camry (4 door)
2011: 2004 Nissan Murano SL AWD
2015: 2013 Toyota Rav4 AWD
2015: 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder
2015: 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD
2015: 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD
2019: 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL AWC

Current vehicles in Bold.

I switched from cars to an SUV in 2011 and have never wanted to return to a car (other than my "sports" car convertible I picked up for the summer fun driving). I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter and when they plow the streets the banks get so high that in a car I can't see over the banks and its really scary. That is what drove me to buy my first SUV. Its been so nice with the higher ground clearance for driving on plowed roads as well. Furthermore, my other SUVs were larger for the mid size crossovers and I needed it as I was remodeling my house and was hauling a lot of stuff. But that has concluded so I purchased the Eclipse Cross because I liked the styling, the drive feel and the size.

For the record, I LOVED my Nissan Murano, bought it used with high miles, I drove it until it wasn't practical to keep fixing it (over 200,000 miles on the vehicle when I traded it in). If they would have made them with better gas mileage and a more reasonable price, I would have considered buying another one. I DISLIKED my 2013 Toyota Rav4. I did a dealer return on it. It was so uncomfortable to drive it was so bumpy I drove it out of town and couldn't wait to get out of it! I don't know if I got a defective one, but they said nothing was wrong with it, but everyone noticed it when they rode with me! I really LIKED my 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, which is why I upgraded to a newer model because I loved the new body style way more! But I ended up HATING my 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. Google "wandering Hyundai" and you will know why. Hyundai's electric steering is terrible! Staying in a straight line was a chore in that car, especially with the wind up her. I eventually got used to it enough that I didn't feel like it was dangerous to drive but I couldn't wait to get rid of it, but it took me 4 years to find something I liked enough. I LOVE my 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder- my favorite car!! So with the Eclipse Cross and the MR2 at home I am pretty happy car wise right now. Hoping to continue to love the Eclipse Cross.

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Couldn't resist when I saw this old thread pop up. Had to put the thinking cap on though:

1972 - 1972 Ford Escort panel van (first car - new in my teen surfy days)
1975 - 1968 Chrysler Valiant Utility (old clunker for our first car of married life - first year of Army life)
1976 - 1974 Holden Monaro (two door coupe)
1977 - 1976 Ford Falcon (Ex QLD Police pursuit with a detuned engine)
1978 - HK Holden Station Wagon (Estate) (family got to three kids so we needed to ditch the sedan)
1983 - 1982 Chrysler Sigma Station Wagon (Mitsubishi Sigma assembled by Chrysler Australia in Adelaide)
1988 - 1988 Mitsubishi Magna SE Station Wagon
1992 - 1992 Mitsubishi Verada Ei Station Wagon
1998 - 1998 Mitsubishi Verada Ei Sedan (company lease)
2004 - 2004 Mitsubishi Verada Ei Sedan (company lease)
2006 - 2006 Mitsubishi 380 VRX sedan (company lease)
2010 - MY11 Mitsubishi Outlander VRX (company lease)
2015 - MY16 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed
2019 - MY19 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exceed

Some great driving memories in that list. Our families lived in Sydney and we were posted (Australian Army) to country Victoria which meant a 900Km drive regularly for Xmas and holidays to see family. Over the years we saw some expansive changes to the road networks of eastern Australia in those travels. Looking back now it's a wonder we survived the poor interstate highway (sic) of those early years. No central reservations, heavy haulage just inches from your door heading the other way in deep cut culverts with no room for manoeuvre. Makes the motorways of today look like a drivers dream. But I'd do it all again for the joys it bought to the family as we travelled...

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Okay, I'll play. ;)

1975 - 1962 VW Beetle. It was already a junker when I got it for $200, but it ran. And, it was easy and cheap to fix. Many days I wish I still had one, just to play with, but given today's driving conditions, it wouldn't pass even the most basic safety tests.
1978 - 1972 Ford Pinto. This was my college car. Also not great, but it was more dependable until the body rusted through and it would no longer pass inspection.
1981 - The "Boat" was a huge Chrysler station wagon that I bought in a hurry and on the cheap when I needed a car and the Pinto wasn't road-legal any more.
1983 - The Renault was the first car I bought new. It was an economy model and drove like one. But it lasted for a few years.
1989 - 1989 Chevy Beretta. V-6 with a 5 speed manual transmission. It wasn't a memorable car.
1993 - Mazda MPV (multi purpose vehicle) was a 4 wheel drive minivan. Growing family needed more room and this fit the fun+utility formula. That is, until I slid on some ice right into a ditch and messed up the front end drive train. It was fixed, but it was never the same after that. I ended up having to replace the transmission two years after the accident. I traded that sucker in with only 88k on the odometer.
1999 - 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. My first Mitsubishi and my favorite all time vehicle (although the EC is starting to nudge it from the top spot). I had 170k miles on it when the catalytic converters needed to be replaced and it was a $2000 job. That plus the rising cost of fuel and only getting 18~22 mpg, I traded it in on ...
2011 Outlander. I needed something with better economy as my commute had gone from a few miles a day to almost 70 miles a day. It was a good reliable car with that unique front-end styling that you either loved or hated. On the day I was to pick it up from the dealer, my salesman called and asked if my wife was really looking for a new car as well (she did mention that she was thinking about it). It was the last day of the month and they were one car short of their quota. I joked she'd probably buy one if he gave it to her at half price. I chuckled, he didn't. I told my wife to come with me and bring the checkbook. While it wasn't half price, he gave us an incredible deal on a Lancer sportback -- that was a fun car to drive! We left that day with two vehicles.
2019 Eclipse Cross. While my wife liked her Lancer, it wasn't AWD and we had some pretty slippery winters. She wanted something that handled better, so when the EC was first released here in 2018 I told her to take a look. My first impressions were mixed from a pure design standpoint and she wasn't quite ready to deal. When the Service Engine light came on in my Outlander at 140k miles, i decided i wasn't waiting for her any more. I bought mine and am loving it.


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Well, it seems i didn't have so many cars in compare to those lists above :)

I always chosed my cars from the brand new ones with manuel transmissions:

2006-2016 Renault Megane Sedan 1.5 dCi Expression
2014-... Opel Insignia 1.6 SIDI Turbo Cosmo
2019 January - 2019 December Eclipse Cross 1.5 Turbo Invite

It is a pity that my EC journey was short but i will wait for the facelift model to see if they fix the faults.
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