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Windshield wiper rubber refills replacement.

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Can anyone post please instructions on windshield wiper rubber refills replacement?
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This procedure is for replacement with genuine parts. I can't guarantee third party parts will be the same.

On the end pivot end of the blade closest to the car look at the rubber blade insert. You will see a metal clip of the blade housing. This clip is locking the blade in place. You need to squeeze the rubber of the blade in the area of this clip so you compress the locking rubber rib section. Use a little force and once it is compressed sufficiently you can then slide the old blade rubber out towards the glass.

The blade has two curved pieces in channels above the channel through which the blade sits in the wiper arm which locks the the rubber in position. Ensure the two locking strips are in the correct orientation as shown in the pic below. This ensures the correct amount of pressure is applied to keep the blade on the glass surface. If you are replacing with EOM blades ensure the rubber locking section is on the end closest to the glass before inserting the channel into the blade mounts.


Once you have the blade in the arm correctly, push it all the way in until the rubber locking section moves past the lower holder on the arm and locks the wiper blade in place and it does not allow the blade to move out wards. DO NOT push the blade past the second protrusion at the end of the blade as this is part of the lock mechanism to ensure the blade stays in place.

You may find third party replacement blades have a metal compression clip instead of the rubber rib used in the OEM part. They will be easier to fit and work on the same principal.
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Thank you very much for the detailed instructions.

As the old adage goes, a picture speaks thousand words, so a video will greatly assist. Do you happen to have a link to such a video?
Simple search on YouTube will find plenty of examples. Here is one for an Outlander but the process is the same. Note that this guy pulls the rubber away from the glass and has to pull the rib through every clip. Pulling in the other direction means pulling through a single clip:

An Australian parts producer has a brochure listed below which gives pictures and steps regarding the replacement process:

NOTE: Use the above PDF method for trimming the refill once they are installed in the blade NOT before as shown in the video as that guy cut the refill too short. There should be up to 10mm of refill after the end of the support strips. Not cut level as the video shows.
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